Windows Azure and SQL Server – Better Together

At SQL Saturday #249, my “Windows Azure and SQL Server – Better Together” was well received.  I actually uploaded my deck into SQL Saturday’s site, but you can get it here as well:

Windows Azure and SQL Server - Better Together

This really ended up just being a great open discussion.  I let the audience drive it for the most part.  But we hit topics like:

  • SQL Database
  • Virtual Machines with SQL Server installed
  • Virtual Networks
  • Storage
  • HDInsight (Azure’s Hadoop offering)
  • etc. 

Thanks to everybody who attended!  I had a great time. 

So, here’s another nerdy thing about me.  I am kinda weird about needing to have nicely resizable vector images in PowerPoint.  Not a fan of using bitmaps if I can avoid it.  As a result, I have over the past months ended up making vector versions of all the Windows Azure service icons.  If you grab my deck, you can steal my vectors out of there!  Yeah…., I know…., I need counseling. 

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