Turning Windows 8 Live Tiles Off For Demos

Windows 8 live tiles ROCK.  They are an awesome way to keep up with emails, appointments, friends, etc.  However, if you are in front of a crowd doing a demo on Windows 8, or even just showing your new Windows 8 install off to friends and family, it may be undesirable to have your personal details show up on the screen:


It is super easy to turn the live tile’s off though (without having to actually remove it) to prevent any personal data from being shown to your audience.  Here’s how:

Simply right click on the live tile, or swipe down on it with your finger if you are on a touch device, and from the app bar that appears along the bottom select “Turn live tile off”.


And you will see the tile revert to its generic icon with no personal details shown.


Of course when you are done, you can turn the live tile back on using the same steps to get all the useful information back.

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