SharePoint List Template IDs

Ok,  I always find myself looking for the following information, and can never find it so I am posting it here for my easy retrieval:
List ID Name In Team Site?
100 Generic List Yes
101 Document Library Yes
102 Survey Yes
103 Links List Yes
104 Announcements List Yes
105 Contacts List Yes
106 Events List Yes
107 Tasks List Yes
108 Discussion Board Yes
109 Picture Library Yes
110 Data Sources No
111 Site Template Gallery No
113 Web Part Gallery No
114 List Template Gallery No
115 XML Form Library Yes
119 Wiki Page Library Yes
120 Custom Grid for a List Yes
150 Project Tasks Yes
200 Meeting Series List No
201 Meeting Agenda List No
202 Meeting Attendees List No
204 Meeting Decisions List No
207 Meeting Objectives List No
210 Meeting Text Box No
211 Meeting Things To Bring List No
212 Meeting Workspace Pages List No
300 Portal Sites List No
1100 Issue Tracking List Yes
2002 Personal Document Library No
2003 Private Document Library No

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