Resetting an Azure SQL Server Administrative Credentials

It is easy to forget that an Azure SQL Database exists on an Azure SQL Server. One Azure SQL Server can support multiple Azure SQL Databases.  The biggest benefit to a single Azure SQL Server hosting multiple databases is that you have a single administrative login and set of firewall rules that affect all databases on that server.

This can lead to confusion however if you have had a server in place for some time, and add a new database without remembering the original server credentials or firewall rules. 

To remind yourself of the administrative login for your database, first login to the Azure Management Portal (  Along the left hand slide, select “SQL DATABASES”.  On the “DATABASES” page, find your new database in the list, and locate the server name from the “SERVER” column (FYI, the real server names have been truncated in the screenshots below for security purposes):


If you click on the name of the server above, you will be taken to the “DASHBOARD” page for that server. From there, along the right hand side under “quick glance” you can see the “ADMINISTATOR LOGIN” name, and if needed click the link further up on the “Reset Administrator Password” link.


Once you have a figured out, or if needed reset, the administrator credentials.  You can now log in an create additional logins and user accounts using the CREATE LOGIN and CREATE USER statements…

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