Reporting Services Architecture Diagram…

I have a standard diagram that I draw on the board when I teach reporting services classes.  I have lately however been teaching some classes online and drawing this diagram by hand on the screen gets a little tedious.  To simplify my life, I drew it in Visio so I could re-use it.  I am posting it up here so that my students, or anybody else for that matter can grab the diagram and re-use it. 

It represents a typical SQL Server 2005 native reporting services deployment.  This also describes the basic structure of a 2008 install, just replay IIS with HTTP.SYS) I may update it in the future, or create another version to include SharePoint installations. 

Use the links below to download the image.  If you update it, or have suggestions for improving it let me know! 

Reporting Services Overview Diagram for Blog

 icon_zip  Download the original Visio Diagram as well as a JPG and PDF (0.5MB)

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