Introduction to SQL Server Reporting Services Session Slides…

Here is the slide deck from the Introduction to SQL Server Reporting Services sessions I gave at SQL Saturday 44 in Huntington Beach, CA earlier today!  Thanks to everybody who came, and sorry for the technical problems getting the Report Manager to load.  It’s back to the same problem I was having about port 80 not getting registered right on Windows 7.  I thought I had that fixed, but I guess not. 

Anyhow grab the slides, and drop me a comment or an email if you have a question!

Slides Screenshot
Introduction to SQL Server Reporting Services 

Thanks again to all the SQL Saturday 44 organizers.  It was a great event!

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  • Hello Bret,
    I must say that I have seen lots of fancy "blog" sites but yours I find very useful and intuitive. Well done!

    I have a question for you on the aggregation and sub-totaling in Report Builder 3.0 using 2008 R2; is there a way to have a sub-sub-total sum the parent group sub-total instead of looking and summing the entire "detail" field? here is the thing, I am trying to filter some records but the sub-totals are still totaling..
    Appreciate your assistance on this.

    John Esraelo

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