HACKTECH Prep Session

If you will be attending HACKTECH this weekend, there are some special challenges and prizes for developers who develop for Windows 8, Windows Phone, and Windows Azure.  We’ll have a couple of prep sessions

1) Monday, January 20th from 8pm to 9pm: http://aka.ms/htms1
2) Tuesday, January 21st from 3pm to 4pm: http://aka.ms/htms2

You can grab a copy of my slides here.

You can watch a video recording of the session here, or below:


Prepare for the hackathon: Windows8AppFactor.com/Prepare

Some training resources:

Windows Developer Center (dev.windows.com)

Windows Phone Developer Center (dev.windowsphone.com)

Windows Azure (windowsazure.com)

DreamSpark (dreamspark.com)

BizSpark (bizspark.com)

Microsoft Developer Network (msdn.com)

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