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I had a FANTASTIC time at the “Game On” event last Saturday (06/15/2013). I hope all the attendees had as good a time as I did, and if you missed it, don’t fret.  All the content is available on demand


In my first session on creating assets I showed how to use tools like Sfxr, Audacity, Soundation, InkScape and Gimp to create sounds and graphics for your games.  In addition I gave links to a number of other great web resources for both sounds and graphics including:


If you want a copy of the slides and demos from my sessions you can grab them here:

Find and Create Free Game AssetsVideo

Putting It All TogetherVideo

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  • I was tied up in prefathers day things on the live day, but the recordings are fantastic. Is the Girder Gary prototype available as mentioned in your video?

  • Randall, sorry I didn’t respond sooner. Was on vacation in Yosemite! Anyhow, yes you can download all the content using the links above in my blog post. Click the “Find and Create Free Game Assets” and “Putting it All Together” links above.

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