Expression Blend 4 Project MRU List….

In prepping demo’s for Expression Blend 4, I like to be able to start with a clean project “Most Recently Used” (MRU) list.  In Expression blend, the list of recent projects is kept in an xml configuration file (user.config) in your user profile.  I know this works in the Expression Blend 4 RC.  I haven’t tried it on any other versions of Expression Blend.

For me, the path to my configuration file is:

“C:\Users\BStateham\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Expression\Blend 4\user.config”

Double clicking on it should open the file in Visual Studio 2010, although you can open it in the text editor of your choice.

If you look at the file, you will see a <ConfigurationService Version=""> root node which contains a series of <ConfigurationObject Name=""> elements.  Each <ConfigurationObject> contains one or more <PrimitiveObject Name=""> elements:

<ConfigurationService Version="">
  <ConfigurationObject Name="ProjectManager">
    <PrimitiveObject Name="LastNewProjectFolder">…</PrimitiveObject>
    <PrimitiveObject Name="LastProjectCategoryTreeItem">…</PrimitiveObject>
    <PrimitiveObject Name="LastProjectCategoryTreeVisible" Type="">…</PrimitiveObject>
    <PrimitiveObject Name="LastProjectFilterCreated">…</PrimitiveObject>
    <PrimitiveObject Name="LastProjectTargetFrameworkCreated">…</PrimitiveObject>
    <PrimitiveObject Name="LastProjectTemplateCreated">…</PrimitiveObject>
    <PrimitiveObject Name="RecentProjects">…|…</PrimitiveObject>


Locate the <ConfigurationObject Name="ProjectManager"> element, and under that find the <PrimitiveObject Name="RecentProjects"> element.  You will see a pipe (“|”) delimited list of project paths.  You can delete the contents of the <PrimitiveObject Name="RecentProjects"> element, or just delete the entire element itself.  Expression Blend will re-create it on the next time it starts up. 

In addition to the <PrimitiveObject Name="RecentProjects"> element, I also deleted the <PrimitiveObject Name="LastNewProjectFolder"> element.  Again, this is really just for demo purposes so that when I demo, the values look like they do after a clean installation.  When you go to add a new project, the “Location” will default to a folder under your My Documents.

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