Configuring Windows 8 Release Preview for Azure Development

With Windows 8 Release Preview just coming out yesterday, I thought this might be a great time to give the developers that are just getting started with Windows 8 the tools they need to continue developing Windows Azure applications using Visual Studio 2010, but on their fancy new Windows 8 machines.

The following video walks you step by step through the process of configuring a clean Windows 8 Release Preview installation for Windows Azure development using VS 2010.  We also talk about installing the VS 2012 RC Express for Windows 8 so you can get started developing Metro Style applications as well.

Note, some people have had problems viewing the video in my blog entry. You can watch the video online here:

The video follows the basic steps outlined for Windows 8 Consumer Preview with the VS 2010 and the VS 11 beta, but updates it for the new release of tools.  As promised in the video, all the links referred to are below:

Resource Link
Windows 8 Release Preview
Azure SDK with VS 2012 & 11
SQL 2008 RS Express with SP1
Visual Web Dev Express 2010
Azure SDK 1.6 Manual Installs
VS 2012 RC Express for Win 8
DSINIT Command Line Tool Usage
Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8

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  • Thanks for this excellent post. I’ve tried to install azure tools according to your video and it works. But only for VS web development. For some reason I don’t get it to work with VS ultimate which I use. Did you tried it with another version?
    In my case, when I create a cloud app, VS asks me to install windows azure tools. If I try to do this manually I need to install AspNetMVC3ToolsUpdateSetup.exe. Installing it manually does not help. I keep on getting the same error. Any suggestions?

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