Fix Missing Mouse Pointer in Virtual PC

I have had a problem with Virtual Machines running in Virtual PC 2007 on my laptop with Vista installed. The mouse pointer dissappears in text windows (notepad, query anayzler, word, etc.)

My first solution to this was to use the mouse properties in the control panel of the virutal machine, and turn on the “Display pointer trails” option, with the slider all the way over to “Short”. This worked, but was ugly. The icon was very flashy and would still disapper when it wasn’t moving.

A little searching in google found this link:

In there, Paul Adare suggested setting the mouse pointer scheme to black. I set my Pointers Scheme to “Windows Black (system)” and, ahhh, Sweet relief. My cursor now appears everywhere. Thanks Paul!

I have posted this here to make it easier for me to find, and maybe easier for you to find as well!