Startup Weekend San Diego–June 2013


I’ll be down at Startup Weekend San Diego this weekend from 07/21/2013 – 07/23/2013.  This is a great event, organized by a group of very motivated community members here in San Diego.  Attendees have a chance to win Surface RTs and Lumia 900s as well as being able to network, brainstorm, pitch, develop & present their startup ideas over a jam-packed weekend. 

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USB Drive Loaners with Resources

If you’ll be developing Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8 apps over the weekend in hopes of winning some of the great prizes, you may need some resources to help you out.  If you need access to resources like Windows 8, Visual Studio, Windows Phone 8 SDKs, Game Frameworks, etc. I have USB drives you can BORROW (please, please, please return them)!  Track me down.  I’ll trade you a USB drive for your drivers license to hold as ransom.

Resources on the USB Drives include:

Loaner Surface RT Devices


I have two Surface RT Loaner devices.  You are welcome to borrow them to test your apps out on the Surface.   This is a great way to test to make sure that your app works with touch, accelerometer or GPS.  Again, I’ll trade you for your driver’s license.  Also, please make sure to use these for a limited time as other teams may be waiting as well.   

Learning Resources

New to Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8 Development? There are some great learning resources at:

And of course, track me down.  I’ll be here all weekend.  Grab me and let me know how I can help!