Lenovo W520 and an External Projector with NVIDIA Quadro 2000M and NVIDIA Optimus

If you have come to this blog post from a search, then you are probably having the same problem I have had in the past with my Lenovo W520, specifically, duplicating the laptop display to an external projector connected to the VGA port on the side of the laptop or connected to a display port on the back of a “Mini Dock Plus Series 3”. 

W520 Connected to Projector

Well, if you have had that problem, read on.  I’ll give you two possible solutions to the problem.  One of them is likely going to work for you!

The discussion and steps in this post assume the external display (monitor or projector) is being connected to the W520 via the VGA port on the left hand side of the laptop:


However, the discussion and instructions below also apply if your external display is connected to a display port on the back of a “Mini Dock Plus Series 3” instead:


If you don’t want to understand the problem, but would rather just fix it, you can jump to the solutions using the links below.  If you have the time though, I suggest reading through my explanation of the issues.  It will help you get better use out of the graphics processors (YES, plural, that’s part of the confusion) on your laptop! 

Quick jump to the solutions:

Or Read on….

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