InkScape Game Character Templates

I’ve been “playing” with games lately.  Creating them that is. One of the problems with games is that you need graphic assets.  I’m not a world class artist, although I do enjoy playing with graphics quite a bit. As I searched the net for help on creating my own game characters, I came across Chris Hildebrand’s excellent “2D Game Art for Programmers” blog.

I have played around with the information he shares in his Creating a game character and Character Animation blog posts.  I find that I always seem to start over from scratch.  To help cut down my time to creating new characters, I have created some templates that I can use in InkScape.

Character Template:


Is a fully segmented character that you can start with and customize.  In addition, I created a version of the character walking:


that when animated looks like this:


You can use these templates to create your own “side-view” characters.

These are just starting points, and I’ll add a tutorial later on using them, but I needed to post this now so I could share it at an event!

Grab them here: