Adventure Works Logo Re-do

Ok, so I’m a nerd.  I’m also a Microsoft Certified Trainer, and I teach a lot of SQL courses so as a result I work with AdventureWorks databases a fair amount.  When I am building reports in SSRS that use AdventureWorks I like to have a nice looking logo to use, and the ones that are provided with the curriculum or are available online leave much to be desired. 

I took it upon myself to create a higher resolution version of the logo files, and thought I would post them here for other control-freak-nerds like myself to use.  As long as Microsoft doesn’t give me grief about copying and re-distributing their logo, then I’ll leave this up here.

Use the links below to download a .zip file with illustrator, corel, photoshop, xaml, jpg, png, and other formats of the logo.  Enjoy.

AdventureWorks Logo (448k)