Azure Store is Easier Than Ever!

Did you know that Windows Azure has it’s own store?  It’s been around for some time as the Windows Azure Marketplace.  Well, today an update to the Windows Azure Management portal allows both store vendors and consumers a much better shopping experience!

When you sign into the Windows Azure Management Portal you will see a new category on the left titled “ADD-ONS”


To sign-up for a new ADD-ON, click on the “NEW” button at the bottom:


Then click the “Store” icon:


Then use the “Choose an Add-On” wizard to complete your selection:


Once you have added an Add-On to your account, you can manage each by selecting the Add-On on the “ADD-ONS’ page and using the commands along the bottom.  For example, here are the commands for the SendGrid add-on:


There are numerous add-on including data sets, data services, and application services.  You can add services including:

  • Bing Search API
  • ClearDB MySQL Database
  • MongoLab hosted MongoDB
  • Email services with SendGrid
  • Loqate Verify’s Address Verification
  • Many more…

Give it a try!  Sign into the Windows Azure Management Portal and go shopping!

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