Windows 8 Installation Options Slide Deck

At the “Making Money with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript” event today, I gave a lunchtime session on the various installation options that are available with Windows 8.  If you would like a copy of my slides, you can grab them here:

Windows 8 Installation Options Screen Shot


In this session I outlined the various options for installing Windows 8 including:

  • Clean install of Windows 8
  • Upgrade of Windows 7
  • Virtualize Windows 8 on Windows 7
  • Virtualize Windows 7 on Windows 8
  • Dual Boot using Partitions
  • Dual Boot using Boot-to-VHD
  • Windows to Go

In addition I offer a number of methods to get Windows 8 for yourself:

  • Windows 8 Enterprise 90-Day Eval –
  • MSDN Subscribers can download –
  • Think about joining BizSpark –
  • Purchase an upgrade
    • After release – Purchase and download from
    • New computers purchased between 06/02/12 and 01/31/13 – $14.99
    • Older computers: $39.99
  • Get it with a new computer

Lastly there are links to some useful tools as well as Harold Wong’s great blog post on configuring Boot-to-VHD:


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