Business Intelligence Landscape Presentation

I’ll be delivering a “Business Intelligence Landscape” session tonight at the UCSD Extension Continuing Education & Career Showcase.  In talk I’ll go over what people mean when they say “Business Intelligence”, as well as some of the core concepts and common solutions.  We’ll talk about stuff like Extract, Transform and Load (ETL), Data Warehouses, Star Schema, Cubes, Aggregates, MDX, KPIs Reporting Tools, and Data Mining.  But if that weren’t enough we’ll see how the cloud and big data are changing the BI landscape as well.

Feel free to grab a copy of my slides:

Business intelligence landcape


SSAS – Report Server Action

I was creating a demo for Actions in SQL Server Analysis Services 2005 (SSAS) and was havingg a problem getting the “Server Name” and “Report Path” properties correct.

I finally got a combination that worked. Here are the values I used for a report named “EmployeeReport” in a folder named “Report Sample” on the local server (localhost)

Server Name: localhost/ReportServer/Pages/ReportViewer.aspx?
Report Path: Report Sample/EmployeeReport

To make this work in your situation you should enter the correct server name instead of “localhost”, annd the appropriate folder path on the report server to the report you want to render.