“Developing Windows Azure and Web Services Jump Start” Demo Files

Hi all, I’ll update this post with more details later, but if you are attending the “Developing Windows Azure and Web Services Jump Start” session with Bruno Terkaly and myself, you can grab a copy of my demo files here:

Grab the demo File from GitHub: http://aka.ms/MvaWsAndAzZip 

Again, I’ll update this post later with the final info after the session!


SQL LA User Group Slides and Demos

I’m speaking at the SQL LA User Group tonight on Azure SQL Databases.  You can grab my slides and demos here:


San Diego HTML5 Meetup Resources

I’m presenting at the San Diego HTML5 Meetup tonight talking about creating Windows 8 apps using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.  If you want a copy of my slides and demos, you can grab them here:


Also, if you are looking for a copy of the free book by Kraig Brockschmidt, here’s the link: http://aka.ms/pw8a

And don’t forget to check out Scirra’s Construct 2!

SQL Saturday 157 Azure SQL Database Presentations and Demos

This is an awesome jam packed weekend for me.  I had the Windows8 Dev Camp yesterday, and SQL Saturday 157 today.  If you are a Database Professional (DBA or Dev) and don’t know about SQL Saturday’s, do your self a favor and find out about them! They are free (or extremely inexpensive) events held on Saturdays at locations all around the world.  They are organized by local members of your community and supported by PAAS. If you don’t see a SQL Saturday in your region, maybe you could help get one organized!

Anyhow, at the SQL Saturday #157 in San Diego today I have two sessions.  You can grab my slides and demos here:



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Windows Azure Session for LA .NET Developers Group

I’m speaking tonight at the LA .NET Developers Group.  If you want a copy of my slides or demos, you can grab there here!


First Cloud University Web Cast a Success!

Bruno Terkaly and I finished up the inaugural Cloud University web cast a little over an hour ago.  Bruno covered how to create a RESTful service in Azure and consume it from a Windows Phone application.

Be sure to stay tuned to Cloud University in the future for more great web casts on Windows Azure and all things cloud!

Watch live streaming video from clouduniversity at livestream.com

SoCal Code Camp Sessions Posted…

Ok, I know I am a little late but that is only because I had high hopes of putting together some other sessions.  Unfortunately my schedule is keeping from from doing all the sessions I would like, but I did post my session abstracts for the upcoming SoCal Code Camp in here San Diego on June 27th and June 28th.

Here they are:

IT Pro Panel: Q&A for Developers
Join Steve Evans, Denny Cherry, and I as well as others for an open panel on IT issues that affect developers!  Bring your questions and answers!

SQL Server Express Edition for the Hobbyist, Student & Professional
SQL Server Express is a free edition of the SQL Server Database Engine and related tools. This session will introduce you to the Express Edition, it’s capabilities, it’s limitations, and licensing concerns. We will also look at third party tools that can be downloaded and used with SQL Server Express to replace functionality that is missing

SQL Server Integration Services Control Flows
In this session we will cover the specifics of SQL Server Integration Services Control Flow. Control flow is where SSIS developers manage the sequencing of tasks within an SSIS package. Control Flow concepts covered in this session include tasks, precedence constraints, containers, variables and more. Understanding the core concepts of control flow is the foundation of creating effective SSIS Packages.

SQL Server Integration Services Data Flows
In this session we will focus on a specific SSIS task: The “Data Flow” task. The data flow is the most commonly used tool to move data in an SSIS package. It is in the data flow that you specify the data sources, transformations, and destinations for your data movement process. Data Flow concepts covered in this session include Connection Managers, Data Sources, Data Destinations, Transformations, Error Output, and more.

If you haven’t had a chance to see my SSIS Control Flow and Data Flow sessions before, they are like a mini SSIS class.  They are a great place to start if you haven’t worked with SSIS before!  They are also a great place to figure out problems you may have had if you are already using them!

There are a ton of other sessions, and more sessions on SQL Server than I think I have ever seen at a non-sql specific code camp!  Book the dates now, and I hop to see you there!