“Developing Windows Azure and Web Services Jump Start” Demo Files

Hi all, I’ll update this post with more details later, but if you are attending the “Developing Windows Azure and Web Services Jump Start” session with Bruno Terkaly and myself, you can grab a copy of my demo files here:

Grab the demo File from GitHub: http://aka.ms/MvaWsAndAzZip 

Again, I’ll update this post later with the final info after the session!


10 Easy Steps to Azure Web Site Custom Domains

If you want to add a custom domain name to an Azure Web Site, you are just a few steps away.  This quick tutorial will show you how to configure both your DNS zone, as well as your Azure Web Site. I did make a few assumptions though…


  1. You have already registered your custom domain with a registrar, and have a DNS provider.  I usually use GoDaddy for this, but there are numerous other choices. Use whichever one you prefer.
  2. Since I usually use GoDaddy as my DNS provider, I will show the steps specific to their tools.  However, you should be able to complete the exact same steps with your own DNS provider’s administration pages
  3. I assume you already have a valid Windows Azure account, and a web site configured.
  4. All of my domain name references assume a “.com” top level domain.  You can use any top level domain name you wish though (“.net”, “.org”, “.us”, etc.)

Ok. let ‘s get started:

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Super Easy Continuous Integration with Azure Websites, Hosted TFS, and Visual Studio 2012


All I can say is WOW.  This was super easy to setup. My goal was to use Visual Studio 2012 to create an Azure Web Site, and to use Microsoft’s Hosted TFS  for my source control and build server. If all of the above items are new to you, that may sound like a daunting task, but as you’ll see, it is extremely simple. Also, don’t let the length of this blog post scare you off.  I tried to be very specific about the steps and include a lot of screen shots, so It looks like a lot, but all in all it will only take you about 10 to 15 minutes to complete.  Here’s an diagram with a basic overview of the pieces:

Azure Websites Continuous Integration

Keep reading for a 7 MINUTE video demonstration of the ENTIRE PROCESS, and step-by-step instructions!

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