BizSpark Enrollment Tutorial

This tutorial walks you through the process of enrolling for BizSpark, and then using your BizSpark benefits to access Windows Azure, as well as to register as a developer in the Windows and Windows.

To qualify for BizSpark you need:

  • To be a business who is developing software or apps
  • To be a business that is less then 5 yearsr old and privately held
  • To be a business that making less than US$1M annually
  • A website (perhaps a free Azure Website, or a Facebook page) for your business
  • A company email (like a free Microsoft Account or other email address) for your business


Enroll for BizSpark

  • If you were given a registration URL by a Microsoft BizSpark Champ or Evangelist, then use that URL to access the BizSpark site. Otherwise open your browser and navigate to and click the "Join Now" link.


  • If you don’t already have a Microsoft Account (aka Live ID) you need to sign up for one before continuing. Go to to create a new Microsoft Account if needed.

  • Scroll down on the page and click the "Sign in to join BizSpark." link:


  • Sign-in with your Microsfot Account and click "Sign In" to continue:


  • Chose your preferred language, and click "Next":


  • Complete the enrollment info. Note a few things:

    • If you were given a registration link by a Microsoft BizSpark Champ or Evangelist, then the enrollment code should already be entered for you. If on the other hand you were given an just enrollment code (not a link), enter the enrollment code here. If you don’t have an enrollment code, just leave this box empty. You can still sign up, but your account will need to complete review before it is approved.
    • Make sure to enter the information on this page as accurately as possible to ensure your account approval
    • For your Company URL, if you don’t already have website for your company, you have a few choices. You could quickly create a free Windows Azure Website for your company, You could create a facebook page, or enter a link to your facebook or linkedin profile pages.
    • You can create a free Microsoft Account ( for your business if you need a corporate account
    • These fields are important because they help to establish the validity of your business as a startup looking to create software or apps to sell.


  • Agree to the BizSpark EULA and Agreement by turning on checkbox and clicking "I Accept":


  • You will be brought to the "My Bizspark" page. From here you can gain access to all the wonderful benefits provided by BizSpark.

Activate your Windows Azure benefit

Now that you have a BizSpark account, you can activate your $150/month Azure benefit.


  • You will be taken to the MSDN Subscriber Downloads page. Click the "My Account" link along the top to access your account benefits.


  • Click on the "Activate Windows Azure" link:


  • If prompted enter the credentials for your Microsoft Account (make sure it is the same account you used to enroll in BizSpark):


  • In the "About You" section, ensure that the information is correct.

  • In the "Mobile verification" section:

    • Enter your mobile number, and click the "Send text Message" button
    • You should receive a verification code via text on your mobile phone.
    • Enter the verification code that was texted to you into the form and click the "Verify code" button


  • Finally, in the "Agreement" section, Ensure that the "I agree to the …" checkbox is checked and click the "Sign up" button


  • You will be taken to your Windows Azure Subscriptions page. You should see your BizSpark subscription listed however, it may still show as "Pending". It should take just a couple of minutes to become active. You can click the "Please wait while we set up the subscription… (Click here to refresh)" link to refresh the status:


  • Eventually, the account should show as Active. When it does you can click on the "Portal" link (or just go to to get to the Windows Azure Management Portal:


  • The first time you enter the Windows Azure Management Portal you will walked through the "WINDOWS AZURE TOUR". Follow the prompts to complete the tour and familiarize yourself with the portal features.


Register your free Windows Store developer account

As a BizSpark member you get one year free access as a developer to the Windows Store. This allows you to publish Windows Store apps for free!

  • Return to the subscriber benefits page. Under the "Windows and Windows Phone developer accounts" header, click the "Get Code" link:


  • The "Get Code" link will be replaced with your store promo code. You will use this code to register for free in the Windows Store. Copy the code shown to your clipboard, or make a note of it, and click the "Go to the Windows Dev Center" link:


  • On the Windows Dev Center page, click the "DASHBOARD" link in the top left corner:


  • If required, verify the last four digits of you mobile phone number and click "Next":


  • A verification code will be sent via to your mobile number phone. On enter the code you receive, and click "Submit":


  • On the "Getting Started" page, click "Join Now":


  • On the "Account Type" page, enter your region and select either an Individual or Company account. Pick wisely as you can’t change this after the fact.

    Note: You may want to wait here if you aren’t sure. Again, you can’t change this in the future. If you plan on registering as a company, you should first form your company and make sure you have all the information (tax id’s, etc) before continuing. The remaining pages are completed assuming an Individual Account.


  • Complete your account info, and click "Next":


  • Read, and accept the "Windows Store Application Developer Agreement" and click "Next":


  • On the "Price" page, paste the promo code you copied earlier into the "Registration code" box, and click the "Update total" link. You should see the Total price change to 0.00:


  • On the "Account verification page", complete the payment information. You will not be billed anything. Click "Next":


  • On the "Purchase" page, verify your account info. Notice the $0.00 total. Click "Purchase":


  • On the "Thank you" page, select "Get started" and click "Continue":


  • You are now registered as a developer in the Windows Store. From the developer dashboard, you can begin submitting Windows Store apps:


Register your free Windows Phone developer account

Your Windows Store registration information is shared with the Windows Phone store. That means that registering for the Windows Phone store is quick and easy!

  • Again, return to the account benefits page. This time click the "Go to the Windows Phone Dev Center" link:


  • On the "Windows Phone Dev Center" page, click the "Dashboard" link along the top:


  • On the "Register as an app developer" page click "Accept and continue":


  • That easily, you are now registered as a Windows Phone developer as well. From here you can enter payout information, but for now, just click the "Done" button:


  • You should be taken to the Windows Phone Developer Dashboard. From here you can submit apps, etc.


Download Software from MSDN

Now that you have signed up for Azure and the Windows and Windows Phone stores, you need to grab Visual Studio to get started developing for them. Of course, you can grab a ton of other software as well.

  • Open and sign in with your microsoft account if needed (You can click on the "Sign In" link in the top right corner. Make sure that you are signed in with the same Microsoft Account you used to enroll in BizSpark. Once signed in, click the "Subscriber Downloads" link along the top:


  • From the "Subscriber Downloads" page, you can search for just about any Microsoft Product and download it. For example click on the "Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate" (or search for it if it isn’t shown by default) link:


  • Then, choose which download you would like.

    • The "Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 (x86) – Web Installer (English)" download is a small download (only 1MB) that streams the product to the machine as it installs. This is the quickest way to get started. Just download it and run it.
    • The "Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 (x86) – DVD (English)" download downlaods a large ISO (2.8GB) to your machine. You can then burn the iso to a DVD or simply mount it to install.
    • Some products require a Product Key to install. You can click on the "Product Keys" button to retrieve your product keys.


  • If you do download a product as an .ISO, In Windows 8 you can simply right click on the .ISO and choose to either mount it (it appears as a new drive letter on your machine) or burn it to a blank DVD:


Add Team Members

If you have other developers on your team, you can add up to 4 additional members to your BizSpark team. Each of the members you add get’s their own MSDN Subscription and their own Azure Subscription with $150/month of credit. That’s amazing. MSDN Ultimate is worth $13,000+, and we give you up to a total of five of them. That’s over $50,000 worth of software! With each getting their own $150/month of Azure, that’s a total of $750/month of free Azure Usage! FREE FOR THREE YEARS!

Ok, sorry, sales pitch over, if you want to do it:

  • Sign in to as your primary account (the one you just created).  Along the top, click the **”My BizSpark” link.


  • Then, under the “Manage” heading, click the “add or delete members” link


  • Scroll down on the “Manage” page, and click the “+ Add” link, then complete the fields to add the new member (you will need to know the member’s Microsoft Account).  If they don’t have one, they can sign up for one for free using the steps described above.


  • When you press enter, the row will be added, and the membership status will be “Pending” while an invite email is sent to the Microsoft Account email address.


  • When the member receives their invitation email, they can use the link in the email to activate their membership


  • When they follow the link provided, they will need to sign into as their Microsoft Account:


  • Then complete the enrollment with their Phone, and by Agreeing to the program:




  • Once enrolled, they can use the steps described above to download software from MSDN and to activate their Azure benefit, and more!



Hopefully, you got through all of that successfully. If not contact the Microsoft BizSpark Champ or Evangelist that gave you your enrollment code, or if you didn’t have an enrollment code simply contact for support.

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