Windows Phone Developer “Company” Accounts and Symantec Verification

I’ve noticed an issue with my personal business’ Windows Phone Developer account lately.  Every time I sign into the dashboard, and try to submit a new app, I get the “Account Summary” page instead:


There wasn’t any useful information on the page though that told me why I was seeing that instead of my App Submission page.  My account was current, no obvious issues, etc.

I used the “Support” link at the bottom of the Windows Phone Dev Center page, and then clicked the “Submit a support ticket” link, then filled in my issues, and click the link to Start a Live Chat…




The support rep was very helpful, and as it turns out that since my account is a “Company” account (not an individual), it was undergoing an annual account verification with Symantec.  Microsoft uses Symantec to verify the identities of the company developer accounts.  You can learn more about that here:

Symantec Validation for Company Accounts
Microsoft Developer Services Identity Validation

For support from Symantec on your verification status, go to:

Microsoft Developer Identity Validation Support with Symantec (

Fill in the form there, and you can enter a live support chat with Symantec:


I gave the Symantec rep my Windows Phone Developer Account’s Publisher Name, and they were able to find my record and work with me (which for me included them calling the phone number associated with my publisher account) to verify my information was correct.

It turns out that my account has actually been in the “verification” phase for some time, and that I just ignored the email from * because I don’t use any of their products.  Point being, if you have a “Company” Windows Phone Developer account, make sure to monitor that email address associated with your account for annual verification emails from Symantec.  If I was more on top of my communications, I would have caught it earlier.  I just wish the developer center page was more informative of what the problem was.

It did take about 4-5 hours after my chat with Symantec before the fix made it through, but it eventually did, and now I can submit apps!


Global Windows Azure Bootcamp San Diego (GWAB)

Looking forward to seeing everybody at the Global Windows Azure Bootcamp in San Diego tomorrow.  Wanted to get a couple of quick logistical things for the event.  You can also check back here for updates both during and after the event:


March 29th, 2014 from 9am to 4pm. 


Microsoft San Diego Office
9255 Towne Centre Drive
Suite 400
San Diego, CA 92121


Parking is $12.50 for the day.
If you don’t want to pay for parking you can try to park on the street or over at UTC shopping center.

Please Bring:

Your EventBrite ticket and a laptop (or a Development VM in Azure, see below) with :

As an alternative to having the pre-requisites on your own laptop, you can create a Virtual Machine is Azure that has everything you need.  I have another blog post with a video that walks through that process: How to Use a Windows Azure VM for Windows 8.1 Development

I also have a step by step walkthrough here: Setting up an Azure Virtual Machine For Developers with Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate and SQL Server 2012 Express.

You should be aware that if you are going to create an VM in Azure to use as your “development workstation” the initial setup time can take a couple of hours (It just takes time to install Visual Studio, SQL Server, SDKs, Updates, etc).  Point being, you might want to get that started as soon as possible. 


Q: I signed up for a free trial a while ago but it has expired
You can sign up for another free trial, but you will need to use a different Microsoft Account (aka Live ID).  You can create a new free Microsoft Account by going to . Then once you have a new Microsoft Account sign up for the free trial again.  Note, you may need to use “InPrivate Browsing” in Internet Explorer (Ctrl+Shift+P) or an “Incognito Window” in Chrome (Ctrl+Shift+N)

Q: Can I use Visual Studio Express Versions
Yes, but be aware that many tasks require a full Visual Studio installation.  For general Azure development with Web Sites and Cloud Services you can use the Visual Studio Express for Web editions. 

Q: I don’t have Visual Studio 2013, can I use Visual Studio 2012 (or vice-versa)
Regardless of which version you have, you will likely find labs that are written for a different version.  For the most part, everything works just fine, but you will find some differences between what you see, and what the lab says.  Just use your best judgement, and ask questions if you can’t figure out the differences.

Q: My Azure Portal doesn’t match the screen shots or lab instructions
A: Azure evolves rapidly, but that means that older versions of labs may not match the current state of the service.  For the most part, everything works just fine, but you will find some differences between what you see, and what the lab says.  Just use your best judgement, and ask questions if you can’t figure out the differences.

Azure Dev Camp LA Info and Links

Thanks all that came to the Azure Dev Camp in LA today.  Here is a quick and dirty blog post to share the various links and contact info from today:

Look for the “Global Windows Azure Bootcamp” coming up on 03/29:

"Fixed" Labs Download:
Doesn’t include Azure Active Directory, Service Bus or Windows 8 & Windows Phone 8 Expenses apps

Original Labs Download:  
Download the "Scenario Content" zip file if you want to try Windows Azure Active Directory & Service Bus

If you need:
Visual Studio 2013:
SQL Server Exp. 2012:
Windows Azure SDK:

Contact Info:

Bret Stateham

Daniel Egan

Michele Leroux Bustamante

Bret’s BizSpark Tutorial

BizSpark Tutorial:
Contact me if you need help getting signed up with BizSpark!